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As one of New Zealand’s leading Virtual Reality studios, Cloned Reality is all about creating unforgettable digital experiences & virtual worlds.


We are committed to harnessing the power of immersive technologies to bring mind-blowing experiences to life

The digital experiences we craft profoundly change behaviour – it’s just one of the reasons we’re so passionate about immersive technologies. And, it’s our strong theoretical foundations, in-depth hardware knowledge and extensive practical experience that mean you can trust us to reliably bring worlds and ideas to life in digital.

Meet maher hatab

Virtual reality devotee

With 15+ years in the industry, I’m a big believer in the power (and future) of immersive technologies. It transports people to new worlds and ideas like nothing else. Backed by my Ph.D. and a couple of decades building state-of-the-art applications, I know how to use current techniques and hardware to create mind-blowing digital experiences. 

Virtual Reality guru 99%
In top 10 of NZ pool players 96%
Auckland fishing spot knowledge 83%
Tech gadget enthusiast 95%
Family man 100%
Maher Hatab
Alex Legg

Meet Alex Legg

XR Expert

I have over 15 years of experience in the creative tech industry, having worked in fields such as flight simulation, 3D graphics, visual effects and XR. I have Master of Design and BA Honours Animation degrees. For a few years, I was also the lecturer and champion for XR at the prestigious Media Design school (it is ranked in the top 3 schools in the world for creative tech), on both the Master of Design and Graduate Diploma courses.

I am hugely passionate and an advocate for XR (AR/VR), for me it is the perfect place where my wide skill set can combine into one, and I can build and experience the worlds of my imagination. I love the sense of presence you can only get with XR. And this is just the start of the journey, I look forward to where we go from here!

XR Passion 99%
Emerging tech news 90%
Art skills 98%
Eccentric VR world building 85%
Family person 100%

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Cloned Reality VR Quality

unmatched quality

Quality underpins everything we do. From concept to creation you can count on us to deliver the best digital experiences possible.

Cloned Reality VR Trust


With 15+ years in the industry our track-record speaks for itself. We’re focused on clear communication and mind-blowing results.


We’re inspired by projects that make a difference and strive to build experiences that profoundly change behaviour too. 


Led by self-proclaimed gadget guru Maher Hatab, a passion for technology drives Cloned Reality and the work we produce.

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